Sash windows are among the most popular window’s style in England. There are many reasons for that – their versatility and beauty but also an impressively long history. 
When talking about sash windows it is important to mention that they are dated back to 16th century. Back then they were glazed and with a horizontal sliding.
The introduction of timber sash windows is 17th century. During the Gregorian period sash windows became very popular and they used to have up to eight panes with huge glazing bars.
The Victorian period was a moment when a big change came that transformed sash windows forever. The reason for that was an improvement of technology.  More advanced glass was developed which allowed to reduce the amount of glazing.  From now on the bars were slender and delicate, very aesthetic.

Throughout the years sash windows have become a statement since they very often grew to impressive sizes starching from floor to the ceiling with stained glass on the top.  

Although a long time has passed and many of the original English sash windows have been demolished or replaced some people still find this style the most appealing because of its charm and exquisitely high quality.