What is thermal insulation?

If saving energy is your main priority the best choice for you is thermal insulating glass. It is a premium solution in terms of energy saving performance and cost efficiency. Thermal insulating glass is also known as a low E-glass. According to the statistic around 26% of all domestic heat lost results from heat escaping through windows. Our technologically advanced glass gives you an opportunity to avoid this waste of heat and money. Our product has a non-transparent metallic coating, which simply reflects hear from radiators or fires back to the room. And what is the result? No heat escaping through windows. What is more an innovative design of our windows increases the overall temperature of your living space significantly not only by preventing heat from escaping but also by letting the sunshine in.

Argon glass

The spaced between the panes of glass can be filled with argon. This advantageous and energy efficient approach is based on a simple notice that argon transfer less heat than air does. This gas has more significant density and, as a result, argon conducts less heat. If you are concerned about your heat loss filling your double-glazed window with argon is definitely a desirable thing to do.

What is acoustic glass?

Thanks to modern technology nowadays glass is much more than just a surface letting the light into your home. We offer different kinds of glass that are beneficial for your living space on many levels. One of them is acoustic glass. It is a professional technology created exclusively to fight noise pollution. If you live in the urban area you already are aware of the potential danger and harmful effect of this concern.

Acoustic glass is a perfect answer to this worrisome issue as double glazed windows deliver the optimum level of protection against outside noise. It cuts the excess sound and minimalize the dangerous effects of noise pollution adjusting sound exposure level back to safe and comfortable 35dB during the day and 30dB at night. Among many types there are acoustic glasses, which offer additional protection against heat loss.

Construction type U-value
W/m^2*K BTU/(h °F ft2)
m^2*K/W h °F ft2/BTU
Single pane
4.8 0.85
0.21 1.2
Double pane, air filled
2.8 0.49
0.36 2.0
Double pane, low-E
2.1 0.37
0.48 2.7
Double pane, low-E, Argon filled
1.9 0.33
0.53 3.0
Triple pane
2.1 0.37
0.48 2.7
Triple pane, low-E, Argon filled
1.4 0.25
0.71 4.1
Quadruple pane, very low-E, Krypton filled
0.74 0.13
1.35 7.7
Quintuple pane, very low-E, Xenon filled
0.51 0.09
1.96 11.1