1.Are all of your products made in UK?
Most of our products are made in UK, but we also use some materials from Germany & Poland.

2. Does the wood that you are using for manufacturing come from renewable sources?
Yes, always.

3. I’m interested in triple glazed windows? Is that a good investment?
Triple glazed windows are perfect for casement windows as they save lots of cash during winter period and reduce noise pollution.

4.  Do you offer bespoke windows solutions, like round or triangle windows and skylights?
We offer many different kinds of windows and are ready to adjust any model according to your needs.

5. What about heritage windows?
Our heritage windows are accurate and authentic reproduction of traditional windows supporting both residential and commercial purposes.

6. What kind of wood do you use?
We use hardwood and softwood both only from renewable sources.

7. How can I order your products?
If you want to order our products just give us a call or drop an email and we will be in touch shortly.

8.Do you deliver your products?
When your windows are ready you don’t have to worry about a thing – we will deliver them under an address chosen by you.

9. Why draught proofing is so important?
Draught proofing is a best way to take care of your windows and prevent heat loss.

10. Why are your prices so attractive?

We have long-term and well-established relationships with wood and ironmongery suppliers so we are able to come up with more competitive prices than our rivals.

11. I don’t now which windows will be the best for my house. Could you help me make a choice?
We are always happy to help and advise on the best choice for your home.

12.How many kinds of sash windows do you offer?
We have a wide selection of many different sash windows so that you could find the style that is the best for you.

13. What makes you better than your competitors?
We offer high quality products made with passion and dedication for people who are looking for unique and durable windows.