Bi Folding Doors

Bi Folding doors are widely used as garden doors giving the house fresh and luxurious feel. Our doors are made from the high value sized buckram and excellent glass systems solutions securing excellent thermal insulation, solar and noise control. Offered in diverse colour range from exotic red meranti through more traditional oak or pine. Nowadays bi-folding doors have become extremely popular and in many households there are named a classical ‘must-have’ of an interior design. What is the reason for a rapid grown of popularity of bi-folding doors? Definitely it’s how bi-folding doors fit the build of a new house, renovations or new extensions. This kind of doors guarantees up to a 90% clear opening that will be more than transformative to your living space effectively opening it to the outside. Meeting the requirements of our Clients we have developed a wide range of bi-folding doors offering you much more choice and flexibility.